Company profile

Unternehmen, Firma, Kurt Nemetz Gesmbh, Standort, Judenburg

Grindelstrasse 17, 8303 Bassersdorf, Schweiz
Tel.: +4144 838/66 66
Fax: +4144 838/66 68

Short description:
The brand Stuco Hobby was founded in 1977 in Glattbrugg. We are an international import and export company trading creative hobby-and crafting material. We ship our products customers all over Europe. In 2009 the Kurt Nemetz GmbH “Marianne Hobby” took over the company and with this step we can guarantee best service and consultance for our customers on the Swiss market.

Over the years Mr. and Mrs. Nemetz could establish a family company of special kind. Currently 150 people are employed at the Kurt Nemetz GesmbH.
Geschäftsführung, Frau Nemetz, Herr Nemetz
Marianne Nemetz & Kurt Nemetz

Product range:
The huge product assortment includes floristry, general decoration products, ribbons and cords also general crafting material, jewellery and additional material, candles and wax products. Our product range even involves paper and cardboards, napkins and additional material, brushes, cotton and silk, casting and modelling slips, glues and colors. This program is well presented in a main catalogue with over 1000 pages and two seasonal catalogues.

Indication of references:

Stuco Hobby is an international import and export company. Due to continuous enhancement it was possible to reach the leadership of the Swiss market. Special traders as well as markets and stores benefit from the assistance of the Marianne Hobby team.



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