FIMO Extruder

How do build Millefleur and other different motives with FIMO?

Quite simply – with the new Extruder, matched by a large hole adapter for large hole beads.

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9460-281 Makins Clay 20 attachments
9460-291 Makins adapter for big hole

9460-281 Makin’s Clay Extruder
9460-291 Adapter for big hole pearl
The Extruder is a wonderful tool to make the work with Fimo easier.
You can create great effects, like Millefiore in a short time.
Basic instructions:
1.) Unscrew the lower, green metal ring.
2.) Turn back the inner piston with the rotary handle (crossbar).
3.) Knead the modeling clay until it is soft and smooth.
4.) Fill the Fimo into the piston.
5.) Put on a disc of your choice and screw on the green metal ring.
6.) Unscrew the Fimo with the rotary handle (crossbar).
7.) You can cut thin slices very exactly with the special Fimo-cutter (E8700-04).
8.) Now you have already a great effect, if you put them together, but you can continue working if you want, for example with the modeling machine (9460-26).

The attached black ring, which is made of rubber, is a replacement seal. Therefore you have to open the Extruder on the back side and pull out the piston.

Fill various Fimo colours vertically and side by side into the piston: You will get longitudinal gradients
Fill various colours horiziontally into the piston: The result is that the Fimo colours are mixed into each other. The colour which was filled in first, is in the middle of the clay, the colour which was filled in last, is on the outside. Cut into slices or poles and continue working.
Depending on the attachment, the result will be triangles, rectangles, squares aso.

Just let your creativity run free and you will always get new results. For example you can cut the exiting clay into 4, 9 or more pieces and lay them onto each other or next to each other. You will get wonderul patterns, which you can cut into paper-thin slices with the Fimo-cutter.

Adapter for big hole pearls (9460-291)

1.) Use the adapter in connection with the Extruder.
2.) Fill the piston of the Extruder as described above.
3.) Use an adapter and place it that the metal rod is still visible.
4.) Put a slice on this rod, which is slightly bigger than the thickness of the rod, like the big hexagon or the square.
5.) Next steps as described above.
6.) You can create great effects by filling in the colours in different variations (pipes that can be cut into various pieces).
7.) You can achieve brilliant resultats by cutting the pipe diagonally or by twisting it.
8.) To avoid the crush of the big hole, put the pipe onto a wooden skewer.

The bead holder (9998-63) is used as an addition to the Extruder to harden the models in the furnace (Fimo 110°C 30 Min.).

The Fimo should not be too dry, to avoid cracks on the pipe.

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