MDF cross and chalice

Difficulty: easy

Required tools: brush, jewellery glue, wire, sponge, decoupage glue

Article Name Quantity
8602-631 Kelch mit Fuß 19.5cm 3mm 1 pkg
8602-611 Kreuz mit Fuß 18.5cm 3mm 1 pkg
L21401-05-070 Decormatt Acryl weiß 50ml 1 pcs
L21401-05-090 Decormatt Acryl hellblau 50ml 1 pcs
L21401-05-055 Decormatt Acryl ultram. 50ml 1 pcs
8135-351 Schmucksteine 150S klar 1 pcs
7762-001 Wachs-Fisch Sb2 1.4x3cm hellblau 2 pcs

Description:Prime the MDF parts in double layer with white colour and let it dry. Apply the light blue and then the dark blue colour, using a sponge. Let it dry. Glue the words on and draw spirals with the metallic liner on. Decorate it with some rhinestones.

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