spherical hero

Kugelige Helden

Difficulty: advanced

Required tools: oil, knitting needle, sewing needle, hot glue, plastics molding for the feet

Article Name Quantity
9500-02 Dekobeton 2.5 Kg grau 1 pkg
360-25 Kugel transp. 100mm 1 pcs
360-28 Kugel transp. 160mm 1 pcs
360-35 Kugel transp. 200mm 1 pcs
F03-056-09 Paperweightaugen m-blau 22mm 1 pair
F03-054-25 Paperweightaugen grau 18mm 1 pair
L20122-34-073 Deco-Painter schwarz 2-4 mm 1 pcs
204995-1 Kunstfell-Bommel 9cm weiß 1 pcs
S31915-123 Florband 15 mm rot 0,5 m
551-06 Strohhut natur 18 cm 1 pcs
PF200511R Bellis 23cm rot 1 pcs
391-04 Zylinder 70mm 1 pcs
745000-3 Filz 50x70cm kobaltblau 1 pcs
7424-00 Wachsb. 50m 1mm weiß 0,5m

Description: Mix the concrete with water in ratio1:4. Apply oil on each inner half of the Styrofoam spheres and pour the concrete in both of the halves. Let it slightly dry, then connect the two halves together and let them dry thoroughly. As for the feet, apply oil inside the mould and fill it with the concrete. Remove the moulds after drying. Attach the feet using wet concrete to the concrete ball. The same applies for the eyes. Decorate each ball individually.
Hat: Work with 4 needles. Make 16 stitch on each needle. Knit 7 lines with 2 left and 2 right stitch, then continue with only right stitch. Reduce the number of stitches after 8 cm (in each line in the 6th and 7th stitch). Finish when there are only 10 stitches left. Connect the end with a thread together an decorate it with pompom.

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