Cookie jar blue

Cookie jar blue

Difficulty: easy

Required tools: brush, grit sandpaper, masking tape, glue gun, universal adhesive, chalk, stippler (brush)

Article Name Quantity
862-47 Spansch. 150x120mm rund 2 pieces
862-21 Spanschachtel 210mm rund 1 piece
862-24 Spanschachtel 240mm rund 1 piece
L21401-05-070 Decormatt Acryl weiß 1 pkg
L20259-25-175 Tafelfarbe 225ml ebenholz 1 pkg
L21607-00-014 Schablone Stars 10x15cm 1 pkg
7424-30 Magic Ribbon 3mm creme 3 m
866-74 Rohholzkugel 25mm 2 pieces
9792-26017 Washi-Tape 15mmx10m Tupfen 1 role
VD1196-60350 Chalky Vintage-Look 250ml rauchblau 1 pkg

Description: Ground the tin. Tape a stripe with the adhesive ribbon. Apply the blackboard color on the stripe and let it dry. Varnish the rest of the tin with the Chalky or the acrylic color, let it dry and grind it. Glue the Magic Ribbon allong the edge of the tin. Lay the stencil on it and apply the stars with the brush. Write some words on the blackboard.

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