Gazing ball colorful

Difficulty: easy

Required tools: brush, gloves, scissor, hairdryer, gravel, tape

Article Name Quantity
PO-0140 Powertex 500g grün 1 Stk
PO-0012 Easy Varnish 100ml 1 Stk
PO-0037 Powertex 500g elfenbein 1 Pkg
PO-0080 StoneArt Pulver 250g 1 Pkg
PO-0282 Bister powder 40ml grün 1 Pkg
PO-0095 Pigment 40ml moosgrün 1 Pkg
PO-0018 Pigment 40ml grün 1 Pkg
PO-0103 Colortr.Pigm.40ml dunkekgold 1 Pkg
PO-0017 Pigment 40ml schwarz 1 Pkg
PO-0023 Pigment 40ml grau 1 Pkg
5361-22 Ribbon XL 130m schwarz 2 m

Description: Fill up 1/3 of the styrofoam sphere with the stones, close it and fix it with the adhesive tape. Apply green Powertex and StoneArt powder on the sphere. Dip the Magic Ribbon in the green Powertex, drain well the excess liquid and wrap it around the sphere. Mix the Easy Varnish with the pigments. Apply the colour and the Bister in the spaces between the ribbons.

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