elf house

Difficulty: advanced

Required tools: hot glue, brush, stanley knife, hairdryer, scissor, gloves

Article Name Quantity
801-15 Styroporkugeln 150mm 1 pcs
802-38 Styroporkugeln 200mm 1 pcs
802-80 Styroporei 160mm 2tlg 2 pcs
DZ306-1 Biberschwanz 4.5x2cm 1 pkg
585-29 Islandmoos 50g tannengrün 1 pkg
587-11 Erikamoos 25g grün 1 pkg
PO-0041 Easystruktur 1000g 1 pcs
AP22289 Dekosteine Natur 3-5cm 1kg 8 pcs
399-02 Strohhalme nat. 50 Stk 30 cm 20 pcs
8600-09 Sperrholzpl. 24.5×33.5cm 1 pcs
973-07 Windradfolie 35x50cm 1 pcs
L21200-04-047 Basic Acryl hellbraun 80ml 1 pcs
9500-00 Dekobeton 1kg grau 1 pcs
PO-0053 Powertex 500g zinn 1 pcs

Description: Cut out the window and the door from the Styrofoam eggs. Cover the houses with the structure paste and secure them on the wooden plate, using glue. Paint the roof on each of them with the brown colour. Cut out the wind wheel foil in the size of the window and the door and glue straws perpendicularly on it. Attach it on the eggs where the windows and doors suppose to be. Cover the roof with the wooden sticks and some moss. Decorate it with the stones and various decorations.
Fill the sand into a deep bowl and make a hole in it. Lay some foil in the hole. Mix the concrete with some water in the ratio 4:1 and pour it into the foil. Let it dry and varnish it with the Powertex, so the pond is waterproof. Surround it with some stones.
Lay foil into the basket and fill it with some soil. Put the bowl with the pond in the soil and plant the plants. Lay the bark in and attach the houses on it. Cover the soil with the moss and decorate it with the elves.

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