Picture frame “autumn”

picture frame

Difficulty: hard

Required tools: dry rot, scraper, brush, paint roll, felt, hot glue

Article Name Quantity
860-79 Fotorahmen 35x35cm 1 piece
9527-49 Servietten Herbstlicht 1 piece
L20285-00-011 Art Stencil A4 Growing Dots 1 piece
L20277-00-002 Schablone 33×33 Cosmos 1 piece
L20140-03-008 Art Crayon terracotta 1 piece
L20140-03-295 Art Crayon kakao 1 piece
L21209-05-084 Artspray 50ml gold 1 piece
L21202-50-084 Acrylpaste gold 100ml 1 piece
L21205-50-222 Acryl Mousse 100ml vanille 1 piece
L21205-50-070 Acryl Mousse 100ml weiß 1 piece
L21140-05-843 Serviettenlack matt 50ml 1 piece
S2140-156 Jute 40mm cognac 50 cm
335700-323 Knöpfe autumn leaves 1 pkg
L21204-50-845 Collage Kleber 100ml 1 piece

Description: Varnish the frame with the Gesso color and let it dry. Glue the napkin with the napkin glue on the right and left side of the frame. Paint dark surfaces on the downside part and the left part of the frame with the Art Crayon and let it dry. Lay the stencil circles on the frame and apply the Art Crayon terracotta with a sponge. Spray the golden Art Spray on it. Glue the jute ribbon and the buttons with the collage glue on it. Let it dry. Lay the stencil on it again and apply the white and the vanille Acryl Mousse with the spatula on the frame. Use the spatula and apply some lines with the golden Acryl Paste. Let the color dry. Insert a picture and glue the frame together.

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