Acrylpicture blue 3-piece

Difficulty: Hard

Required tools: brush, hot glue

Article Name Quantity
9902-929 Keilrahmen Dreieck 40x40x40cm 1 piece
L21200-25-070 Basic Acryl weiß 225ml 1 piece
L21200-25-053 Basic Acryl dunkelblau 225ml 1 piece
L20287-00-011 Silhouette Schablone 15×15 Mandala 1 piece
L21209-05-057 Artspray 50ml enzian 1 pkg
L21209-05-091 Artspray 50ml karibik 1 piece
L21200-04-091 Basic Acryl karibik 80ml 1 piece
6010-34 Magic Color Grundierung 1 pkg
6010-36 Magic Rust Color 200g 1 role
6010-38 Magic RustEisenoxidation 100ml 1 pkg
PO-0038 Powertex 1000g elfenbein 1 piece
PO-0264 Easy 3D flex 1000g 1 piece
867-18 Kiefernleisten 5x10mm 1m 1 piece

Description: Prime the three Canvas frames with the white, grey and blue colour. Pain the edges and the wooden sticks with the dark blue colour, using the roller. Let it dry thoroughly. Lay the stencil on the frame and spray the colour on it, apply some circles. Connect the frames with the wooden sticks. Tear cardboard into the pieces and apply the 3D Easy Flex on them. Apply the rust colour according to the description on the product packaging and let it dry thoroughly. Glue the rusted piece of paper on the picture.

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